BDSM definition

The acronym of BDSM actually represents several subcategories, though, BDSM in itself mainly is represented by the three categories that make up the acronym (yes, three). These are…… bondage/discipline (BD)….. Dominance and submission (DS)….. and sadism/masochism (SM). I’ll give you a short answer based on each of these. Please note that many of these categories will overlap in certain cases.

Bondage/discipline – Most forms of BDSM play will fall into this category, at least a little. If it’s about tying someone up or keeping them in line, this is where it falls. This includes disciplinary relationship, which might also include aspects of the next two.

Dominance/submission – This is control and power exchange. One party gives over partial (and sometimes almost total) control of their lives to another person. The ;most extreme of this is the Master/slave lifestyle.

Sadism/masochism – This is the practice of giving and receiving pain for pleasurable purposes. In most cases, the pleasure comes from either a sexual connection with the pain, or the endorphin release triggered by intense pain.

There are myriads of ways to practice one or more of these categories. While I am Dominant, my personal fave is to have an attractive young lady across my knees for a spanking. It’s all good fun. 😉